Ethium Technology


Latest Lithium Iron Phosphate [LiFePO4]

Energy Dense

  • 300% more energy dense than lead acid

High Efficiency

  • Lower system level battery resistance
  • Less energy wasted as heat for equalization charging
  • Cells at the perfect voltage multiplier (3.2 V)

High Safety

  • Utilizes UL 1642 compliant cells that are extremely robust to thermal runaway
  • Emits no flammable gases during charging and has no battery acid exposure

High Reliability

  • Lasts up to 4,000 charge/discharge cycles with greater than 90% residual capacity
  • Virtually no memory effect
  • Resilient to deep discharge (90%)

Wide Range of Temperature Operation

  • Storage temperatures from -40 to 85°C
  • Operating temperatures from -20 to 60°C

Fast Charging

  • Capable of 1.0 C (1 hour full charge) charge and discharge rate
Ethium by EControls Cell w Quarter and UL

Electronics and Software

BMS Electronics

  • Solid state power electronics provide electronic fusing capability
  • BMS has the ability to rapidly detect and disconnect during a system level short circuit in under 75 microseconds


  • Accurate SOC estimation and temperature rise awareness with in situ thermal model
  • Complete cell control (voltage, temperature, battery health, and current flow)
  • Advanced passive cell balancing measures and controls cell voltages within cell banks and removes any extra energy from cells with a higher voltage

Active Voltage Control (AVC)

  • Accelerates charging with continuous control of alternator voltage

Data Acquisition System (Optional)

  • Integrated DAQ system for warranty and diagnostics
Ethium by EControls Electronics and Software​


Cell Based (Sealed Cylindrical Cells)

  • Modular for modifying voltage and capacity
  • Extremely safe with built in burst disk and individual cell fusing
  • Prevents failure propagation and thermal runaway

Sandwiched Honeycomb Structure Cell Packaging

  • Energy dense, lightweight, and heat conducting with top mounted connections
  • PCB sandwich design with ultrasonic wire-bonding technology

Sealed and Corrosion Resistant Enclosure

  • Modules made from aluminum and engineered plastics to meet the IP67 standard
  • Powder coated steel upper level assembly
Ethium by EControls construction


Fully Automated Assembly

  • Automated production line for high production capacity
  • Less human-to-part contact to minimize human errors

State of the Art Wire-Bonding

  • Highly precise and repeatable connections, superior to traditional welding or hardwiring
  • Easy to automate with single orientation assembly

In-house Electronics Manufacturing

  • ISO 9001 certified facility with state of the art Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • 30 years of vertically integrated design and manufacturing experience in electronic control devices for industrial applications

100% Automated Testing and Cell Balancing

  • All cells are fully charged and tested
  • Each pack is tested at the end-of-line to meet performance and safety requirements

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Ethium by EControls manufacturing

Compatibility and Validation


  • Completely compatible with existing equipment
  • Drop-in-place solution (voltage, chargers, inverters)
  • Designed to fit most current battery compartments


  • Thermal, vibration, shock, electrical/EMC, UV, environmental, and water intrusion
  • Validation Plan


  • Tested to meet UL 2580 and UN/DOT 38.3 certification requirements
  • Utilizes UL 1642 certified cells


Ethium by EControls Compatibility and Validation