Ethium is a ground up effort from EControls that combines emerging lithium-ion technology with innovative design architecture and control strategy to deliver unmatched performance and safety. Our products are designed specifically for material handling and other demanding applications making Ethium the new industry standard and paving the way for large scale adoption of lithium-ion technology. 

The Ethium Advantage

Proven Technology


Lithium-ion technology has matured, and the industrial equipment industry is the next natural candidate that will benefit from the advantages that lithium-ion provides.

High Energy Density


Up to twice the capacity in the same envelope resulting in a more compact design and easier implementation.

Quick Recharge

Full charge in an as little as one hour with no cool down requirements increasing up time.

Extended Life


Ethium batteries will last over 4 times longer than lead acid with minimal degradation and virtually no memory effect.



Up to 70% lighter than lead acid.

Maintenance Free


No battery watering, equalization, or other routine maintenance required.



BMS supervised, programmable, data acquiring, and connected via CAN.



Ethium batteries are fully compatible with your existing lead acid equipment and charger.

Quick Return on Investment

save money

Significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no battery backups or replacements, and no required maintenance or charging rooms.

Extremely Safe


Lithium iron phosphate is safer than lead acid with constant BMS monitoring, no harmful gasses during charging, no potential acid spills, and no workplace accidents from battery swapping.



More power available due to higher operating voltage profile and lower internal resistance. Self discharge rate drastically improved with auto switch off.

High/Low Temperature Performance

high low

Operates within a wider range of temperatures with minimal performance degradation.